Interview with Laura Meyer (ep 117)

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Today, I'm sitting down with a really great friend. Laura Meyer and I met while working in the franchise industry. We instantly connected and have kept our relationship going ever since. Watch and listen as Laura talks about her own business journey and about how group coaching relationships have played a role in where she is now.

Laura's been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and started in the wedding photography industry. She later started a family portrait studio franchise and grew it regionally. Once she decided the franchise path wasn't for her, she leaned on business connections and got into the consulting industry. Laura now has a consulting certification program, a mastermind program, and a scaled consultancy program. 

Relationships amongst peers are really important when growing your business. So how do relationships drive Laura to excellence?

Laura explains that she grew up in business before there was social media. There were no ads, no social media posts - there was only one way to grow your business: relationships. She grew her business through connections, both on the corporate and local levels. She thrived on partnerships.

Now, in the online space, Laura's always asking how online marketing is relationship-first. If you take out the relationship, it's just a transaction. Without rooting the business-customer relationship, customers are less engaged and less loyal. Relationships really drive everything.



Here's a glance at the episode:

[4:38] Laura shares a little about her story and about her business journey.

[10:20] Laura talks about how she approaches participating in mastermind coaching programs.

[13:48] "Be willing to be willing to willing to give..."

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