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Cande C.

Having tried other paid group coaching and business advisors, I am happy to say I have found a coach, advisor, and mentor in one. Inventory is no longer out of control (too much or not enough) by learning about, and understanding, a buying plan. Bills are paid. Payroll is not longer a struggle. Money is accumulating in the bank for taxes and saving for a rainy day. Most importantly, I AM CONSISTENTLY PAYING MYSELF!! 

Emily D.

I have worked with Ciara in group coaching courses and classes for over 6 months. Her trainings are so helpful. Everything is broken down into manageable chunks, perfect for a busy boutique owner. Through my time working with Ciara, I have come to better understand my business financials, created a budget I can stick to, created an open to buy plan, learn how to successfully lean on social selling during the time of COVID, and so much more. My business has grown month over month since working with Ciara and putting in the work that she recommends. I highly recommend!

Michiko O.

Just wanted to give a shout out that I did the Boutique Audit with Ciara and just got the results this morning! It is sooo helpful and an eye opener! She evaluates all of your platforms and gives great and detailed action plans for you which I’m already working on. I’m so I glad I did it, so worth it!! Highly recommend to any boutique owner that wants to improve and grow. Thank you Ciara!

Kelsey W.

I’ve taken 4 masterclasses with Ciara and have absolutely loved each one! The masterclasses, along with the accountability, have turned my business into one I could have only dreamed of 5 months ago! Totally worth your time!


I just need to say that your program is the best money I have ever spent on education and training. I am a visual learner and your whiteboard sessions are perfect for me, everything is organized, and this weekly review was badly needed. Thank you again.


Working with Ciara has given me so much clarity. She is a master at cutting the unnecessary from your business and will help you focus on what matters. I've had my first profitable month in a long time without having a massive change in my sales numbers. I started to pay myself and have a plan to eliminate my debt.

Wendy G.

The mastermind has created a culture of accountability for me! It allows me to partner with like minded individuals who support one another and are willing to share best practices as well!!

Podcast Listener

Great tips that I can implement today! Ciara's podcast is great for any boutique owner at any stage! She always shares bite size actionable steps, things you can immediately put into place to take your boutique to the next level. I'm just starting my boutique journey and couldn't imagine doing it without Ciara's tips!

Kelsie N.

Ciara's Mastermind has truly changed my business from the inside out. Getting organized & truly learning my numbers has been difficult, but I wouldn't have been able to continue my business otherwise.


Today blew my mind! You are such an incredible coach and mentor and I am so grateful that we crossed paths. You have a gift for not only the technical information but for presenting that information and working with a client/team in a way that is so positive.

Jen W.

Working and listening to Ciara have made a huge impact on my profitability in my business. I am excited to continue to listen and learn from all of her knowledge. Thank you!

Podcast Listener

Great Info and Easy to Listen Love listening to Ciara's Podcast! It's great to put on while working or on a drive. She has experts and real life boutique owners on her podcast. Do yourself a favor and listen!

Inventory Genius book reader, Wendy D.

Don't wait! It's worth it!! Ciara takes everything step by step to help you really understand your inventory and help you maximize it for profit. Her years of experience are invaluable especially to inventory based businesses!! Well worth $10!!! You will earn that back in the first week you implement these practices.

Nicole P.

It's after 10pm on a Friday night but after a few days of inventory clean up, hours of organizing... I HAVE AN OPEN TO BUY PLAN!...Thank you Ciara Stockeland for answering my questions today and for creating this workshop! So happy to be here and to continue to learn + grow!

Anne J.

The opportunity to share personal resources, give feedback, and develop personal as well as business connections through Ciara's Mastermind is an incredibly valuable tool. Making friends along the way has been an added bonus!

Susan Y.

This has by far been one of my greatest investments this year! For my business and my self! Ciara you truly do break it down and make the very scary, daunting and often intimidating tasks simple and manageable! I feel empowered and ready for the year to come!

Podcast Listener

Game Changer! Ciara and her team have offered some great strategies for managing the finances in my business. Her way of explaining quickbooks and financial concepts is so helpful and she really cares about her clients and their businesses!

Inventory Genius book reader

I listened TWICE! I ordered the audio book and listened twice, it was that good and I really wanted to grasp the details and make sure I didn't miss a thing. I enjoyed the easy to understand content of this book. I am excited to begin working with Ciara personally to help my business during these trying economic times.


I feel so much better after the workshop yesterday. I now have a way to put a plan in place to help me manage my business more effectively and pay down my debt. I am looking forward to pulling everything together today!


The Profit Accelerator Mastermind has given me clarity about the numbers in my business and how to make them work for me. I used to make most of my business decisions through instinct with a "I'll deal with the consequences when I get there" attitude, especially when it came to spending money. Now, I am working towards having a consistent framework to base my decisions off of, which is giving me more confidence and less anxiety.

Nicole L.

The mastermind has given me accountability and just giving me the opportunity to meet new ladies who are like-minded! You can really grow when you hear other ideas coming from people who actually “get” your business!

Inventory Genius book reader, Tanya M.

Easy Read and Precise Steps to Helping your Business! I've been running a quaint vintage lifestyle boutique for over a decade, but lately, I've noticed a decline in its performance. However, thanks to the insightful book I read and Ciara's inspiring podcast, I've started implementing some minor adjustments that have already had a positive impact on my net profit. Ciara possesses a remarkable talent for simplifying complex concepts, enabling you to revolutionize your inventory-based business operations and maximize your financial gains.

Lisa S.

Ciara's upbeat but honest approach helped me to feel comfortable immediately. From our first one on one call to the final group call, I found her perspective and willingness to share inspiring and unrestricted. She thoughtfully prepared the course material and tailored it for the group's needs. Ciara's experiences and knowledge will benefit any business owner. If you want your business to grow I highly recommend joining forces with Ciara...

Rebecca & Angelina

Ciara has completely transformed our perspective on business. Now, thanks to her, we have a clear understanding of managing all the financial aspects and feel more empowered in running our businesses rather than it running us. Besides being incredibly honest, she is genuinely passionate about assisting business owners. We are eternally thankful for discovering her.