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I know your dirty little secret...


Your business is growing, sales are scaling, from the outside looking in, you appear successful. BUT...

You're constantly stressed, low on cash, and you never take a consistent paycheck.


I get it.

I had that same dirty little secret.

I built a seven figure retail business. I was featured in "Entrepreneur" magazine. I was even invited to the White House.

But in over ten years of business, I never took a consistent paycheck.

I knew how to sell, but I didn't know how to manage the money once it came in.

And then, I learned the numbers. I now understand what the numbers are saying. I know how to focus on the right things.

Hi, I am Ciara. 

A serial entrepreneur, wife, mom of two, and triathlete, I love a challenge. 

Messes don't scare me, and I know I can help you.

I can help you win at business and find peace of mind in the everyday.

An inventory and cash flow expert, I will take an honest look at where your business is and listen to you as you tell me where you envision it to be. 

Together, we will make a plan to get you focused on the right things. The things that will (finally) write you a consistent paycheck.

Let's go!


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