Let's cut to the chase and just get it done!

With my Profit Accelerator Program, I will become Profit Strategist for your business and on your team.

Together, we will set up profitability systems and processes for your inventory-based business. After we get your new plan in place, you'll have on-going accountability and support, ensuring you get answers to your questions as they arise.

You will no longer have to do this on your own!  

 With this program, I become your personal Profit Strategist

My Role Is To Coach You to Profitability 

Hey, I'm Ciara.

I help product based business owners take complicated tasks and break them down into simple, bite-sized, actionable steps so they can create more profit and keep more cash.

A former product based business owner myself, I understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed, trying to figure out all the "things." I grew my boutique into a seven-figure retail business, and now I specialize in working with inventory based business owners just like you find financial peace. 

As a profit strategist and business coach, I love helping inventory based businesses understand their numbers while helping them build strategies for growth. I can't wait to help you make more sales without extra overhead, crazy spending, added stress, or complicated tech.

Ready to see it for yourself?

The Program Includes:

  • An onboarding assessment¬†to ensure we start off with all the information we need to create the most customized, comprehensive plans for you and your business
  • A five hour day (just you and I!)¬†of onboarding, discovering and introducing you to the program.¬†We'll work together¬†to fully create inventory, financial, and profit plans for your business
  • Monthly financial reviews to check in on how plan implementation is going, to hold you accountable, and to answer all your financial questions as they arise
  • Voxer and email support directly with me as needed
  • Personalized plans¬†covering growth, profit, overall budget, open to buy and time budget
  • Membership in my top-tier, mastermind group¬†so that you have support and accountability from a community of like-minded business owners¬†
  • Includes ticket to the LIVE Mastermind event¬†(travel costs not included)

Listen to what Megan has to say about her time in the Accelerator Program...


Take a look at Bethany's experience:

"Today blew my mind! Ciara is such an incredible coach and mentor, and I am so grateful that we crossed paths. Ciara has a gift for not only the technical information but for presenting that information and working with a client/team in a way that is so positive."

And here's what Carolina shares:

"Working with Ciara has given me so much clarity. She is a master at cutting the unnecessary from your business and will help you focus on what matters. I've had my first profitable month in a long time without having a massive change in my sales numbers. I started to pay myself and have a plan to eliminate my debt."

A Look Inside The Profit Accelerator Program:


Step 1: Identify

We'll start with an onboarding assessment through which I'll learn about your business and your business needs. I'll have you fill out a custom, shared workflow, set up specifically for you, so we can dive into your needs and wants as you get going with the program.

As part of identifying, I'll take a deep dive into your financials. My goal is to discover where you're missing out on profit. We'll clean up your financials and create plans customized to your business. 

You'll come away from this step with a fully tailored Profit Blueprint and Profit Roadmap. You'll have a plan for how to reach your goals.



Step 2: Introduce

Together, we'll spend a day going through your newly created Profit Blueprint and Profit Roadmap. These guides will include an inventory buying system, a profit rollout plan, 12 month profit projections, a personalized business budget, and a profit plan.

We'll also tackle other trouble areas as needed. Whether it's your team, your customers, your marketing, or a combination of it all, we'll work to integrate everything into your plan. 

By the end of step two, you'll know how to refer to, rely on, and implement your Profit Blueprint and Profit Roadmap. You'll understand how to achieve profitability in your business.



Step 3: Implement

Best of all, you won't be in this alone! 

With step three, you'll get regular, ongoing, 1:1 and group support as you implement your plans. 

You'll automatically become a member in my top-tier mastermind group, and I'll personally review your financials every month. You'll have email and Voxer support, whenever you need it.

If (and when!) things come up, I'll be right there for you - a Profit Strategist on your team and at your fingertips. Whether a key staff member leaves, or you need to change banks, or you become curious about making changes, you can get in touch with me.

You'll never feel alone when making financial decisions for your business.



Check out Mackenzie's experience:

"Before joining I was not sure what to expect and just hoping that the investment in a coach (Ciara) would be worth it. It was quickly SO apparent that my money was well spent! Ciara was incredibly helpful in more ways than one. I was able to understand my numbers in a way that, I am sure, would have taken me forever to do on my own. She was also so kind to answer my many many questions as a new boutique owner. 

If you are deciding if you should or should not invest in coaching with Ciara, the answer is YOU SHOULD!

She will take wonderful care of you. I am so thankful for her expertise based on her past experience, and all the resources she made available to me as well. Thank you Ciara!"

Listen to what Andrea has to say about working with Ciara and the Accelerator Program:


And here's what Laura shared...

"The Profit Accelerator Program 

helped me get a better understanding of my business by creating a realistic & attainable sales plan.

Ciara was wonderful to work with and came up with incredible (and easy) solutions for my problems that will now allow me to focus more on income generating tasks. With small, bite size, actionable steps, I'm excited to continue to grow with Ciara as a guide."  

This investment will completely change the way you look at your business forever.

With personalized plans and strategies to help grow your business, you'll move forward in reaching your profitability goals.


Watch as Abbey shares about her time working with Ciara:


Imagine what it would be like to take back control of your business.

Accountants and bookkeepers are there to package your monthly information and present your numbers to you. But they don't strategize. And that's ok. That's not their job. 

When you join the Profit Accelerator Program, I become your Profit Strategist.  

Go ahead and add me to your team.