Hard Work Versus Hustle (ep 115)

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We're diving into the idea of hustling versus hard work in our inventory-based business. The results can look drastically different based on our approach. Watch the episode to learn more and to pick up a great exercise you can do to see the difference.

You can produce results through hustle, it's just not the most efficient or healthy route you can take. Often, the byproduct of hustle is a good dose of shame and guilt.

Meanwhile, the byproduct of hard work is a sense of pride and a feeling of calm.

Here are some words I want to share with you:

Hard Work: intentional activity, "I Can", community mindset, rest, contribute 

Hustle: frantic activity, "I Can't", individualism, exhaustion, consume

How do we shift our mindset to doing hard work? We stay really intentional about how we're working. 


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Here's a glance at the episode:

[3:40] Ciara walks through a quick exercise on hard work versus hustle.

[6:40] A few words to see the difference between hard work and hustle.

[13:50] How do we shift our mindset to hard work?

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