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Ciara Featured on Stories and Strategies for Women

boutique business boutique business tools boutique ownership education coaching podcast feature Apr 13, 2023
Podcast image for Stories and Strategies for Women with Ciara Stockeland in background.

Ciara Stockeland was recently featured on Claudine Wolk's podcast, Stories and Strategies for Women. Listen in as she discusses why you should chase profits instead of sales. Your business can thrive!

During the episode, Ciara shares a little of her own background and talks about the importance of focusing your business on profits. She talks through a few favorite, low-tech metrics any inventory-based business owner can use to see real business success. Ciara's Inventory Genius business method can help you point your business toward growth.

Tune into the episode, and learn more about Ciara's new book, Inventory Genius. And if you'd like a copy of your own, you'll find it here.

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