To the overwhelmed inventory-based business owner, staring at their numbers thinking...

" I have so much money coming in, but there's nothing in my checking account. Where's it all going?"

 It's time to start using your inventory to create more profit and keep more cash with the Quickstart to Inventory Genius.

Product mockup of all that's included in The Boutique Workshop Membership - online member library, worksheets, coaching calls.

Finally. This is your roadmap for implementing easy, bite-sized, profit-driven tasks that increase the bottom line - FAST.

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If focusing on the right things could give you more profit, wouldn't you start today? 

So what are the right things?

In the Quickstart, I will help you start with focusing on *one* key number that has a HUGE impact on all the other numbers...including PROFIT.

That number's your INVENTORY.

And that one number can change the cash flow in your business - BIG TIME.

I break it all down inside the - 

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Your personal roadmap to bite-sized, profit-driven tasks that increase the bottom line in your business - FAST.

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The Quickstart to Inventory Genius is not another program that gives you a firehose of information and then sends you on your way to figure it out alone.

In fact, your QUICKSTART includes private coaching with me!

This roadmap will give you a SPECIFIC plan to profitability. 


And I will be right there with you!

With the Quickstart you will - 

  • Learn the 5 things to FOCUS on today to drive immediate profit.
  • Find out how to set and meet your monthly income goals with ease and predictability (no matter where you're starting from...).
  • Set up profit systems, so you're paying yourself and no longer wondering what bill to pay first (yes, even if you rarely take a paycheck today...).

 Here is what you will get in your Quickstart:

  • 3 Quick Videos and Worksheets  
    • Module 1: Setting sales goals and understanding expenses
    • Module 2: Margin and your buying budget
    • Module 3: Profit First for inventory based businesses
  • A 30 minute 1:1 Coaching Call with Ciara; we will focus on a quick PROFIT WIN for your business
  • A PROFIT QUICK WIN for your business! I GUARANTEE that when we coach together I will show you you can double your investment through either making, saving or finding that amount in PROFIT or I will give you your $497 investment back. 
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Hi. I am Ciara...

I am a seriel entrepreneur, 2x Ironman and Profit Strategist. I understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed, trying to figure out all the "things."

I grew my boutique into a seven-figure retail business, and let me tell you, I did not start by doing it the right way!

Like you, I did so many things hard way. I always felt lost, overwhelmed and like my inventory and money were out of control (YES! Even though I had a million dollar business!). 

That is until I found the tools and systems to give me confidence to make good decisions. 

That is why I created the Quickstart to Inventory Genius.

This program is designed to help you go from inventory overwhelm to cash confidence.

I do this through my signature framework, the Inventory Genius Method, that has helped hundreds of inventory-based business owners live the business life they dreamed of living. 

Ready to see it for yourself?

Meet Nicole

Nicole has taken the Quickstart and is now a member of the Profit Accelerator Program. 

Nicole came with an inventory disaster on her hands. Having never entered any costs, Ciara worked with Nicole to clean up her inventory and focus on her margins! She now focuses on her numbers as she runs and operates her five businesses! 

Watch her talk about her experience with Ciara.


Here's what Cande has to say about the Quickstart:

"Joining the Quickstart equipped us with the tools to (finally) pay ourselves first. We learned how to allocate for operating expenses, taxes, payroll and inventory!"

Here's what Natalia has to say about what she's learned:

"Now, I am working towards having a consistent framework to base my decisions off of, which is giving me more confidence and less anxiety". 

Here's what Sarah had to say about the Quickstart: 

"The Quickstart helped me take my hobby from my basement to a successful B&M with systems in place to grow!!!!"

Here is my GUARANTEE

Together, we will set goals that build growth, build a buying budget so you never have to overspend on inventory again, and set up a process to consistently get you a paycheck. 

A PROFIT QUICK WIN for your business! I GUARANTEE that when we coach together I will show you how can double your investment through either making, saving or finding that amount in PROFIT or I will give you your $497 investment back.

If you only knew how to focus on the right things to create Profitability and Peace of Mind in your inventory-based business, would you do it? If you said yes, then it is time to take the Quickstart!

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Let's go! It is time to Quickstart your way to MORE profit! 

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