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Why Does Inventory Even Matter?

boutique business boutique ownership education coaching growth inventory product-based business retail Nov 09, 2022

Why do I keep talking about inventory?!?! Because inventory will make or break a product-based business. Inventory is tied to everything, including cash flow and profitability!

We get into business to build a life for ourselves, to accomplish something, to define our own success, to pay ourselves - to take a paycheck we deserve, and yet we find ourselves in business, sometimes a month in, sometimes several years in, feeling like we're on a hamster wheel of constant struggle and grind.

We're told over and over that we just have to hustle hard...that the normal business takes 3-5 years to become profitable. We start to feel like the overwhelm and debt are just normal pieces of business ownership.

I want to break this cycle of thinking for you as a product-based business owner. I want you to be successful in your business.

I want you to start to think about how you can take the paycheck you deserve.

You can start to define what success look like to you in your business.

But I need you to understand: it all starts with inventory.

If you're a product-based business owner and you own inventory, this is where we have to begin.

Because if we keep putting bandaids on all the little things, before we know it, we have a huge debt problem and even more stress. We never actually fix the problem.

The key is to really understand your inventory.

Once it all clicks, you'll have an ah-ha moment. You'll know where all the money's going. You'll know how to fix what's going on in your business.

Ready to dive in? Join me in next week's LIVE Inventory Genius Masterclass.


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