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What Does It Mean to "Trust God" with Our Business? (ep 100)

boutique business coaching goal setting growth product-based business retail the inventory genius podcast work life balance Nov 15, 2022

Let's talk about faith and business.

One of my coaching clients recently asked me a question: "As a faith-based person, how do I get rid of the hustle and truly trust God with my business?".

God is definitely a part of my story. And as I gave my client my answer, I decided I'd also bring it to the podcast.


A few simple thoughts:

1. Seek good counsel. Trusting God is not about sitting back, doing the same things that aren't working for us, making the same mistakes. Find someone that can help you move forward, even if it doesn't feel good or looks ugly. Get quality help. When we surround ourselves with good counsel, we'll be able to truly see what's going on in our business and to start creating our action steps.

2. Lean into your gifts. When you start to feel frantic in your business, you get more frantic and hustle-y. So, as we think about trusting God, lean into your zone of genius. Stop doing all the things and do what you know will bring the best return on investment of your time.

3. Slow down to speed up. Complexity comes from growth. But we have to become aware of when complexity starts to creep into our business in a detrimental way. By slowing down, we manage the complexity so that we're ready to move forward.


Trust means taking action on good advice. Please connect with me if you're looking for a coach. I'd love to hear your story and to have a conversation about how we might work together.


Here's a glance at the episode:

[2:50] In our small businesses, it can be really easy for us to stress. Seek good counsel...

[5:34] Lean into your gifts...

[7:00] And pull it all together by slowing down to speed up our progress.

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