Drive Traffic to Your Website Without Spending a Fortune on Ads

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I recently chatted with Susan Bradley, founder of The Social Sales Girls about social media advertising. The Social Sales Girls teaches online store owners how to grow their business: how to get traffic, how to get more sales, and how to create a business that pays them well.

Susan explains that most of the time, when e-commerce store owners aren't seeing conversions, it comes down to not getting enough traffic. 

"Conversion rates are 1-2% on need 100-200 people to get a couple of sales a day, most e-commerce store owners can't generate that kind of traffic organically."

This should actually be an encouraging stat. You just need more people. It's really just a numbers game.

Susan notes that e-commerce is different than brick and mortar stores. Conversion rates tend to be higher with brick and mortar because people are in physical destination. Avoid comparing your brick and mortar conversion rates to those from your e-commerce store. We shouldn't expect them to be the same.

So what about social media advertising? Ads can be so expensive and overwhelming. How can you get started, see results and test to see what's working and what's not?

Join Susan's Ads Made Easy Challenge! It's a coaching week in which you'll set up three ads, let them run and get guidance along the way.

You'll see results, analyze them, and create a plan for moving forward in the world of social media ads.

You'll learn what your results mean: what's a good result, what's normal, what could use improvement. You'll know what you have to do to improve your results.

The goals of the Ads Made Easy Challenge are:

  1. to show you how to run social media ads in a step-by-step, super-easy fashion
  2. to get you some results and show you what they mean - what's normal and what should you really expect
  3. to teach you how to build a large warm audience for not very much money - that pool of people will be the people who know you and who are most likely to engage with you

The Ads Made Easy Challenge will help you get people to your site.

Watch our conversation to learn more about the challenge. Then go ahead and sign up here.

You can also listen to our conversation on The Boutique Workshop Podcast.

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