Creating a Subscription Box Business: Interview with Julie Ball (ep 141)

boutique business tools retail the inventory genius podcast Aug 07, 2023

I recently chatted with Julie Ball about Subscription Box Businesses. Julie is a business coach and the founder of Subscription Box. She loves working with inventory based business owners to add subscription box components to their businesses.

Julie got her start in the subscription box world by purchasing a few boxes for herself. She'd worked with an agency that serves female entrepreneurs and decided to create a subscription box specifically for that community. Six years later, she sold the business for multiple six figures. She now coaches and runs Subscription Box, a business through which she's led thousands of women through personal development and business training in a way that’s fun and supportive. 

With Julie's subscription box business, she had a challenge figuring out how far out to purchase inventory for box shipments. She decided to cap the membership at 1,500 members to make systems more manageable. She set a monthly renewal date to help with projections.

Julie now coaches business owners on all the pieces involved in subscription box businesses. She explains that there are four dates to always know: sales start, sales end, renewal date, and shipping date. These are the key pieces of the cycle for any subscription box business. Once you know these date, you can easily plan your business calendar.

You should always ask yourself the question, "What's the transformation someone's going to go through when they subscribe to and use your product?" This will ensure you maintain a high level of brand quality. 

Here's a glance at the episode:

[2:20] Julie shares a bit of her own background

[6:33] What was Julie's biggest challenge when it came to managing inventory in her subscription box business?

[10:37] Julie talks about the backend structure of her subscription box business

[13:15] What's involved in Julie's coaching program?

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