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Strategies for Achieving Your Sales Goals

askciara boutique business boutique business tools boutique ownership education goal setting growth Sep 02, 2022

If you have an inventory-based business and you're not reaching the sales goal you set out to make, here are three strategies for you:

1. Look at your conversion rate and work to increase it.

How many people are showing up (in your store, on your website, at your booth at market) and how many are actually making a purchase? Look at where you are today, and take steps to increase that conversion rate number.

2. Look at your average ticket and increase it.

What is your current average transaction, and how much would you need to increase it to make your sales goal?

Once you know that number, you can put a plan in place to increase your average ticket. Either add on more items, increase the price of your product or use mix of both.

3. Look at your overall traffic.

Are you even getting to the number of people you need in front of your product in order to reach your sales goals? This problem may just be that you need to increase your visibility.


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