Relationship Marketing with Laura Meyer (Ep 97)

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A conversation on relationships and business.

I'm talking with growth strategist and mentor, Laura Meyer. She's sharing about her background, her current work with entrepreneurs, and about how to use relationships to build and grow your business.

While Laura now works with coaches and consultants, she started as a photographer with a brick and mortar studio (turned franchise!). 

Relationships are that business asset that you can always take with you as you shift, grow and change. Your business growth is all about leveraging the relationships you have.

Relationships can carry through shifts in your entrepreneurial journey.

But, relationship marketing can be a difficult tool and topic. 

People are used to more of a get-in-get-out marketing strategy. Relationship marketing doesn't work like that. You can't rush right into it. There's not an immediate return.

All marketing is work. The question is, what is the best type of marketing for your business?

For most people listening, the answer to that question is relationship marketing. To grow our businesses, we have to let go of the belief that there's an easy button when it comes to sales. 

When you focus on relationship marketing and really lean into relationship building, you're choosing something that's good for your business. 

Think about the other business owners in your area that serve a similar client. How can you support one another?

Partner marketing is so powerful for inventory-based businesses. Get creative and think about how you can combine efforts with similar businesses.

Embrace connection and collaboration! 

If we look at collaboration as another marketing strategy, it helps us move away from a scarcity/competition mindset. 


Here's a glance at the episode:

[5:23] Laura talks about why relationship marketing can be so tricky.

[7:32] "All marketing that's worth doing is long game work."

[9:42] Laura shares practical tips for relationship building.

[15:00] How can we move away from a scarcity mindset and toward a collaboration mindset?

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