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Managing Your Time with Rebecca Blackburn (ep 131)

boutique business tools boutique ownership education coaching growth the inventory genius podcast May 29, 2023

Rebecca Blackburn is a life and success coach for female business owners. I'm sitting down with Rebecca to talk about managing and maximizing your time. Watch and listen to learn how you can work to finally take control of those precious hours.

During her own entrepreneurial journey, Rebecca realized there wasn't enough of herself to go around. She decided to hire a life coach who could help her be effective at how she directed her time. Her work with her personal life coach was completely life changing.

Rebecca quickly realized she wanted to help female business owners restructure their lifestyle, work style and businesses so they could better achieve success. Rebecca now teaches people how to create time and how to make their time work for them.

When it comes to time creation, Rebecca thinks of it like cleaning out your closet. You have to get it all out there. Once you see what you're actually doing with your time, you create three piles: yes, no, and maybe. If you can put your tasks and activities into these piles, you'll be able to quickly delete things you don't need. The issue is - emotion and guilt often come into play.

If you start feeling emotion and guilt when it comes to taking things off your plate, a life coach can be a great help in working through those feelings. You'll quickly discover what you actually WANT to do. Create a want list of things you're either not doing or things you not doing as often as you'd like.

Rebecca acknowledges there are things we all have to do. But, if we put a couple of wants in place first, we can figure out how to fit the essential things around things that we want to do. We can also use efficiency and delegation to help with those essential items.

Rebecca recommends starting by adding one tiny want to your schedule and making it happen. This will help you start trusting yourself and the time budgeting process. Start small, be intentional and go from there.

Consistency is the hardest part of making any change in our lives, but once we start seeing success, it helps energize us to continue moving forward with our plan.

Rebecca uses three year increments to help her clients see change in their time patterns. Three years isn't too far off but it gives time to step out of the now and to build a vision that can be realized and achieved. Within the three year plan, Rebecca works with clients in three month chunks. Thirty days is a great amount of time in which to see small changes take affect.


Here's a glance at the episode:

[2:20] Rebecca talks about her entrepreneurial background and about how she became a life and success coach.

[5:12] Rebecca explains how you can "get your life back in 15 minutes".

[11:16] What's one thing people can do to start budgeting their time?

[16:50] Rebecca shares one of her favorite success stories.

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