Profit First Series Part 2, Interview with Brian Thompson (ep 120)

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It's part two of my Profit First series. I'm interviewing tax attorney and financial planner, Brian Thompson. Brian's a Profit First professional and expert. He's helping us understand how Profit First can work for inventory based businesses.

Brian loves helping clients solve problems, decrease anxiety and run businesses that are both impactful and profitable.

While working as a tax attorney, Brian realized he wanted to help clients become more proactive than reactive. He shifted into work as a business consultant, specifically by helping LGBTQ couples navigate their financial planning. Small business owners started coming to Brian with questions and he realized he'd found his niche.

Brian uses what he calls the "Art and Science of Planning". The art is the emotional side of planning while the science is the technical side. He loves hearing people's stories and learning the purpose and reason behind what they're doing, and then he uses tools like Profit First to tackle the technical piece of planning.

Brian feels like the Profit First system clicks with almost everyone. He sees a switch go off when people realize they can actually do something with their money and that they don't need to put everything back into their business. 


Here's a glance at the episode:

[4:55] Brian talks about his journey toward working with small businesses.

[9:15] Brian shares about how he uses the Profit First Method with his clients.

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