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Prioritizing Happiness: an Interview with Nicole J Palmer (ep 138)

growth the inventory genius podcast work life balance Jul 17, 2023

Today, I'm chatting with Nicole J Palmer about simplifying and what that looks like in both our personal and professional lives. Let's dive into how you can simplify your schedule and prioritize happiness as an entrepreneur. 

Nicole has been an entrepreneur for over a decade. With a background in fashion design, she jumped into designing custom textiles. She grew into both an online and brick and mortar business, but decided to make a shift after the Covid pandemic.

Nicole made the big decision to close her fashion boutique. She explains that she felt a lot of pressure on her to figure out what was next. She threw herself into even more of a burnout phase because she felt like she had to have it all figured out right away.

Nicole knows she values community over competition. She now works to give what she knows back to business owners to help them save time and money in their endeavors. She's focusing on mentorship and connection.

When it comes to preserving her happiness, Nicole works to set and uphold boundaries. She prioritizes family time and also tries to be flexible with what she sees as non-negotiables. Her biggest piece of advice is to go with what feels good.

Nicole has a love/hate relationship with social media and believes that it is possible to simplify how you use social accounts. She recommends that business owners pick one (maybe two) platforms that feel really good and focus on those. How do you pick which platforms? Look at where you and your ideal clients hang out.


Here's a glance at the episode:

[3:30] Nicole shares a little about her background and entrepreneurial journey.

[8:20] What were Nicole's first action steps when she decided to close her boutique?

[11:30] What are Nicole's non-negotiables when it comes to prioritizing happiness?

[15:50] How does Nicole view social media?

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