How to Say No to Good Opportunities: Interview with Kristin Fisher (ep 147)

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Kristin Fisher is a retail strategy coach and the founder of Bocu, a gifting brand offering personalized, hand-wrapped gift boxes. We're talking about how (and why!) to say no to seemingly good opportunities. We'll be learning how to edit - not just our inventory, but also how to edit business opportunities that come our way.

The power of the edit is one of Kristin's favorite things to abide by. She explains that guardrails help when it comes to the emotion we often experience when having to edit down.

Once we understand what's working and what's not working in our business, we start seeing common threads. This helps us pull together a framework from which we can create guardrails. Don't opt for things outside your framework! The data should influence how we develop this framework and the guardrails.

So how do we get better at saying no to business opportunities that seem good but fall outside our framework? How can we develop this skill? How can we care about our business but look at it scientifically from an objective perspective?

Kristin explains that at the end of the day, the way you get good at it is by doing it. Take baby steps and take things out bit by bit. When you start doing this, it's uncomfortable. It doesn't feel good and may even feel like a complete disaster.

You may even have to eliminate something that's a considerable part of your business. If it's not really making you any money, if the impact on your business is negative, freeing yourself from it will result in profitability. Oftentimes, you just have to make the hard moves. Get comfortable with letting your numbers tell you these moves are okay. When you feel confident in your numbers, you can trust your data.

Look at what things need to go away and think about what opportunities you'll open yourself and your business to when you let those things go.


Here's a glance at the episode:

[2:10] Kristin shares a little about herself, her background and her work

[6:50] How do we handle emotion when it comes to editing?

[12:20] Kristin talks about how the numbers come into play when editing

[15:00] How do we get good at saying no?

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