Ciara Featured on ECommerce Badassery with Jessica Totillo Coster

finance inventory podcast feature retail scaling Jun 20, 2023
Podcast image for ECommerce Badassery with Jessica Totillo Coster; Ciara Stockland in the background.

Ciara recently sat down with Jessica Totillo Coster on her podcast, eCommerce Badassery. During their conversation, they covered the importance of understanding the numbers in any inventory-based business.

Ciara focuses on inventory and finance and explains that, even through they're often the least enjoyable parts of owning a business, they're pretty much always the most important to understand and manage. Without understanding your inventory and finance, it's almost impossible to stay profitable, especially as you scale and grow your business.

Jessica and Ciara also talk about how you can use the Profit First Method in inventory-based business. With just a few tweaks, the method proves a huge asset in understanding and managing your business financials.

You'll find the entire episode here. Go ahead and tune in!

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