What the Ironman Taught Ciara About Business Profit

growth podcast feature profit Jan 31, 2024
Ciara Stockeland featured on Dean Newlund's Business Intuition podcast.

Ciara Stockeland was recently featured on Dean Newlund's podcast, The Business Intuition. She talked with Dean about what the Ironman has taught her about business profit.

Listen to their conversation and hear about:

  • How Ciara works to unlock both personal and professional growth,
  • How to build mental strength, not only for a race like the Ironman, but for things like business ownership,
  • How delegation leads to empowerment, growth and success,
  • How to integrate your work and your day-to-day activities for increased productivity and fulfillment,
  • How your team members can help you grow your business.

“You have the tools that you need to get started. So don’t listen today and think, ‘Oh my goodness, she’s so far beyond, like I can never attain that. I can’t get there.’ Write down all the tools that you have, things that you have in your toolbox today, and then just one by one start adding to that toolbox and checking it off. ” — Ciara Stockeland

Go ahead and listen to the episode now.

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