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Interview with Liz Whitehead

boutique business boutique business tools inventory marketing the inventory genius podcast Nov 03, 2022

Listen in as email and text marketing expert, Liz Whitehead talks about why inventory matters when it comes to email marketing.

Liz owns Simple Strategies Group, and has a background in boutique ownership.

Liz loves data, information and numbers. She understands the importance of knowing all the details about inventory and uses this knowledge as she works with clients to develop their marketing strategy.

Inventory is the determining factor in the trajectory of your business. How can you structure your marketing to turn inventory so that your business is profitable?

Lead time is so important when you're interacting with your customers. Nurturing and preparing customers will help with your inventory turn.

Look at the next few months and chart each week. Assess what inventory is moving and what's not. Think ahead about what you'll do with the inventory that's not moving. Will you restyle? Create a reel? Feature in an email? Don't just markdown - get creative with other ways you can highlight this inventory.

Remind your customers regularly about what you'd like them to do. Prepare them by giving plenty of notice about things like seasonal promotions or sales. 

Profitable inventory turn takes planning.

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