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Interview with Lauren Schwartz (ep 101)

boutique business boutique business tools ecommerce growth marketing product-based business the inventory genius podcast Nov 22, 2022

A conversation on digital marketing and creative, profitable strategies.

Lauren Schwartz works to create profitable strategies for eCommerce brands. She's obsessed with design and creative strategy. Today, she's sharing her insight related to digital marketing. 

Lauren loves working in digital marketing and is fascinated by how people consume content.

Understanding what we need people to think is so important to marketing. Once you understand how your consumer purchases, it's much easier to work within your creatives and copy to get people to click. Dive into your customer and understand their pain points. Where are they in their journey? Target who you want to talk to. 

Let's talk about TikTok: Lauren's recommendation is that you definitely have a presence. As far as ads, the creative content on TikTok is so important. It's an engagement platform - TikTok users want to be entertained.

While TikTok is still about connecting with your audience, it's also very entertainment ready. Lauren's advice: focus on the trends. Figure out what trends are suitable for your brand and business. If you make an ad, it shouldn't look like an ad - it needs to look native to TikTok.

What creative mistakes should you avoid??? Make sure you're focusing on the product/service you offer, and be problem-solution oriented. People need to understand what you're offering. Make it clear and simple.


Here's a glance at the episode:

[4:10] Lauren talks about customer acquisition.

[5:55] TikTok! Get Lauren's insights...

[9:49] If TikTok ads look too polished, people won't engage with them.

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