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Interview with Christine Russo (Ep 94)

boutique business boutique business tools boutique ownership education buying goal setting inventory retail the inventory genius podcast Oct 04, 2022

Christine Russo works to educate and to help independent retailers digitize. 

Listen in as she shares her story with Ciara and talks about maintaining a curious mindset.

Ciara: Tell me what you're expecting in the world of retail?

Christine: I wish I could tell you that the rollercoaster is coming to an end, but it's not. We need to stay buckled up. As Covid came to an end, retail looked forward to roaring business. I'm not sure what happened to that conversation, but it's not happening. We need to keep pushing forward.

After time working as a J.Crew corporate employee, Christine started teaching global retail to graduate students.

Christine's advice: find people who inspire you and learn more about how they work. Emulate their ways and let them influence how you work.

Christine now works with the technology side of retail and helps independent retailers digitize. 

Christine uses software called Manager.One - an online bank for retailers with human one-on-one support.

She explains that your money is hidden in your inventory and in different methodologies. When you have an outside person holding you accountable, it's so helpful. It's really hard to manage all that on your own.

If you can find a technology piece that you can plug into your business to simplify, it will help free up your time to do what you're best at doing.

Small business has the same challenge as big business. Start by making an "oops list" of how you've lost money in the past few months. Then make a list of things you hate doing. These list will show you commonalities and will let you know where you need support. You can use technology to find solutions.

There is now so much tech available to retailers. Having a curious mindset helps retailers find and utilize tech support options.

You have to get your hands dirty to find the right fit for your business. 


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Here's a glance at the episode:

[6:50] Christine dives into how retailers can use technology in a way that works for them.

[15:40] Christine talks about the importance of having a curious mind.

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