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Interview with Alyssa Tollefson

boutique business boutique business tools inventory retail the inventory genius podcast Nov 02, 2022

Listen in as Square expert, Alyssa Tollefson talks about why inventory matters from a point of sale perspective.

Alyssa owns The Hive clothing boutique, and is an expert when it comes to Square point of sale system.

Alyssa understands how to build a beautiful, consistent brand and how to manage inventory when building a profitable business.

She believes you can do pretty much everything via Square and works with clients to help them build their own Square systems. When it comes to inventory management, Alyssa pulls all the reports she needs (including a weekly cost of goods sold). Everything she needs is in one place - there's no tricky tech work.

Square helps Alyssa makes the best purchasing decisions for her inventory. It ensures she's leaning into and maximizing the power and potential of her best selling items.

Alyssa explains that it does take time to collect the data you need in order to make the best decisions. Until then, it's important to use the data that is available, but also to trust your gut.

When you start leaning into your data, it boosts your confidence which boosts the joy you have in your business. It doesn't really matter what inventory you're selling - your success is what's important. Seeing customers come back regularly is amazing.

Alyssa has increased her profitability without increasing her top-line revenue. She focuses on her numbers and relies on what really works. It's more important to start small and slow, to focus on what matters and to let the top-line follow.

Alyssa also works on website development and search engine optimization (SEO). She explains that when it comes to eCommerce SEO, it's so important to focus on conversion rates. You want your site to be clean, simple and on-brand. Clear calls to action will lead to higher conversion rates.

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