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Uncovering Money Mindset Roadblocks: Interview with Sarah Mac (ep 142)

growth the inventory genius podcast Aug 14, 2023

My podcast guest today is a money mindset coach, Sarah Mac. Sarah helps entrepreneurs tell their story and make more money. By getting to the essence of who someone really is and learning what they're most passionate about, Sarah helps people discover their own pathways to success.

Sarah explains that mindset is everything. The stories we tell ourselves produce the reality that we create for ourselves. Once we understand this foundational principal, we can apply it to every area of our lives. Mindset works.

Money mindset is having the power to create what you want. When we intentionally chose things that we desire, our beliefs line up and things work out. We have to be sure not to limit our beliefs about ourselves and about what we can do based on what others say. You must define success by your own metrics. Our job is to get our belief system to match what we want to accomplish. 

The most important foundational principal is your desire. What do you want? There are a million different ways to make a million dollars. The people who really inspire and who are really impactful are the people who do things their own way. They know what they desire and make it happen. If there are so many different routes, why not pick the one that not only works for you, but the one you feel best taking?

Creativity is our biggest asset. We have to have passion and inspiration. The moment you become robotic, you miss opportunities and your industry evolves past you. The way we prioritize our creativity is by prioritizing joy. We focus on joy by prioritizing ourselves.

Throw out the idea of being stuck. Think of the alignment and unaligned list. The unaligned list gets filled with the things that aren't working - the things that are causing anxiety. Then, take 100% responsibility for those things and change them. Once you make changes, cross things off the list. Work toward moving them to your alignment list - a list of things that are working exactly the way you want.


Here's a glance at the episode:

[2:15] Sarah shares a bit of her own background

[4:35] Sarah talks about how mindset is everything

[10:45] The most important foundational principal is your desire.

[13:00] Creativity is our biggest asset.

[14:22] What coaching with Sarah looks like.

[19:00] What does Sarah see as the biggest money mindset block?

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