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Look Inside the VIP Package

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Curious about what a VIP Package and VIP Day look like? Watch this quick video from a virtual day I recently spent with a VIP Package client.

For all my VIP clients, I create a personalized agenda for the day and a shared workflow that we use together.

During the day, we work on building out a budget, creating a profit plan, and digging into all the financials. There are a lot of numbers involved in the day, but I'm there as a guide through each step of every piece.

While this VIP Day was done virtually, I also LOVE visiting clients in-person. Regardless of how you decide to meet, you'll come away from our day together with personalized plans and strategies to help grow your business. 

When clients leave a VIP Day, they feel so confident knowing where their business stands. They know the steps they need to take to grow their business. And...they have me to turn to as they put their plan into practice.

The VIP Package entails much more than just our day together. The day is the jumping off point. After that, I become a financial advisor for your business. Think of it like a contract Chief Financial Officer (CFO). 

With monthly check-in calls, Voxer and email support, and follow up on the plans we've created, you have the one-on-one support and accountability you need to move forward.

Learn more about the VIP Package here.

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