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The Importance of Having a Coach

boutique business boutique business tools boutique ownership education coaching goal setting growth work life balance Jul 06, 2022

I recently sat down with someone really special: my coach!

Kami Banks has been in the health and fitness industry for decades. She's a health coach and more recently also became a life coach. She combines all these types of coaching to help people become their healthiest selves. We all want to feel better, and Kami loves helping people achieve this.

I found Kami, listened to her podcast, and reached out to her when I decided to compete in my first Ironman.


So how does this relate to business? Why is it important to have a coach?

We all know, it's hard to invest in ourselves. 

Having a coach helps us to both set intentions and to be intentional. A coach helps us create focus and bring our goal to the forefront of our mind. This is how we progress and get to the next level.

A business coach does just that: helps bring our focus-point back to our end goal. A business coach helps keep us accountable and reminds us that we're no longer working toward our goal on our own.

There are so many things pulling at our attention - a coach's job is to help you maintain your focus. 


Let's Talk About Mindset.

When Kami works with clients, she says, "so much of the groundwork is figuring out where we are unintentionally. Where are we currently? We need to know this in order to get moving forward."

Kami uses two models: one unintentional, about what's currently happening and one intentional, about where we want to go. She explains, "Unless you know what's happening here, we can't take the steps to get there."

There are five lines to Kami's coaching models:

  1. Circumstance (stays the same in unintentional and intentional)
  2. Thoughts
  3. Feelings
  4. Actions
  5. Results

Starting with what we know, Kami turns to circumstance: "Circumstances are just facts. It's how we interpret the circumstances."

What do we do with our mindset in order to shift our interpretation of our circumstances?

We can't change the facts, but we can change the thoughts we have about those facts.

With all circumstances, we start telling ourselves a story about the facts. And here's something really empowering: we don't have to believe every part of that story. We can change the story. 

When the story feels heavy and negative, we need to change the story. Our actions are fueled by the energy and thought we put into them.

And sometimes, we have to accept that the facts aren't what we want. We have to feel and acknowledge in order to grow. If we want to become better because of the situation, we have to feel and accept it.

I hope you'll listen in to our full conversation. 

And if you're looking to get started with a business coach, I'd love to have a conversation. Learn more about working with me here.



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