Freedom From Debt: Jackie's Story

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I'm so excited to share this conversation I recently had with Jackie, maker, artist and owner of Dyetology, a custom-made clothing company.

My hope is that sharing stories will help normalize where we're all at in boutique business ownership. Through story-sharing and community, we realize we're not alone in business struggles. We're not the only business owners feeling this way. We're not the only ones with questions about how to make it all work. This is small business - it's tough, but we can win at it. Community makes this so much easier.

Jackie became a member of The Boutique Workshop's Accelerator Mastermind program at the beginning of 2022. When she came to the group, she was completely consumed by debt. She felt hopeless, overwhelmed and was desperate to see and feel some momentum. She felt so bottomed out that she was willing to do anything. Luckily, that's when she found The Boutique Workshop.

Get this: in just a few months of working with the The Boutique Workshop's mastermind program, she's freed herself of debt. 

The key was getting comfortable with numbers. Jackie explains, "Numbers are what matter...I think being in your group and starting to understand the makes me excited because then you know what levers you can pull and push to help you versus always feeling like, 'What are these numbers?!? They don't make sense...' It was overwhelming...Little by little, I'm getting there, and it's not so intimidating."

When you experience these lows, it's so important to have community on which to draw. And once you have confidence, it's incredibly exciting to feel so in control of your business.

Listen in on the conversation. Maybe Jackie's story resonates with you.

Here's the great news: once we get to a place where we say, "I'm running a business - either I'm going to make it work or I'm done" - that's when we can really start to dig in and make the important changes. 

Jackie was ruthless about her goal of becoming debt-free. The Boutique Workshop helped her get there. 

And now, she explains, "I'm excited to see what my business can do for me and for my family."


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