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eCommerce Traffic: an Interview with Jessica Totillo Coster (ep 139)

ecommerce the inventory genius podcast Jul 24, 2023

Jessica Totillo Coster is an eCommerce and email marketing specialist and is joining me for a conversation about a few quick wins related to eCommerce traffic. Learn more about how you can use and improve eCommerce in your business!   

Jessica worked in brick and mortar retail for years. While leading the ecommerce wing of a company for whom she worked, she realized she wanted to teach entrepreneurs everything she had to learn the hard way. She thinks of ecommerce as the perfect combination of art and science.

When it comes to ecommerce, Jessica believes the biggest thing business owners do wrong is to forget about the science and data behind ecommerce. So often business owners don't take ecommerce seriously and think of it instead as a quick way to make extra money. You have to think about the ecommerce piece of your business as if it were brick and mortar.

The ecommerce part of your business should be considered a destination. You want to get people there. Here are a few quick tips:

To do the calculation to see how much traffic you need to reach your goal, pull a few numbers: a gross profit revenue goal or a revenue goal, your gross margin percentage, your average order value and your conversion rate.

Take your gross profit revenue goal and divide it by your gross margin percentage.

Figure out how many orders you need. Do this by dividing your revenue goal by your average order value.

Now, figure out how much traffic you need. Do this by dividing the orders you need by your conversion rate. This number is likely much larger than you might realize.

The average website conversion rate is 1-3%. Getting people to your site is essential if you want to meet your goal. Traffic is key!

How do we get traffic?

First, it really depends on your business. Social media, search engine optimization, collaboration (one of Jessica's favorites!), paid options (paid social and paid search), and email marketing are all tools you should consider using. 


Here's a glance at the episode:

[2:54] Jessica shares a little from her own story.

[5:27] What's the number one thing business owners do wrong with ecommerce? 

[9:00] Dive into the data and science behind getting people to your website.

[14:30] How do you get more traffic to your website?

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