The Customer Experience: Interview with Daiana Santis (ep 123)

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My guest today is really interesting. Daiana Santis is a female entrepreneur based in Cypress, a small island in the Mediterranean. She's worked in the bridal space for many years and is an expert in the customer experience. 

Daiana started as a bridal designer in London and loves working with brides. She's grown into the bridal industry with her own label. She describes her experience with brides as taking them on a journey - she makes a connection with them and connects on an emotional level.

What really sets successful stores apart is offering an excellent customer experience. It's a process that not all store owners understand or value. A genuine connection and stellar experience make all the difference.

Today's retail world is so loud. By creating a fabulous first appearance and customer experience, you help your business stand out. Ask yourself what makes your business unique. What sets your business apart from others? This is what will help attract customers to you.


Here's a glance at the episode:

[6:07] "What really sets successful stores apart is offering the customer experience."

[8:32] Daiana talks about how customer experience can help your business grow.

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