Ciara and Her Son, Harrison, Talk Entrepreneurialism and Book Writing! (ep 126)

the inventory genius podcast work life balance Apr 24, 2023

On the Inventory Genius Podcast, Ciara recently sat down for a conversation with her son, Harrison Stockeland. Watch as they talk about their experience as an entrepreneurial family and as book authors! 

Harrison's nineteen years old. He's a real estate agent, book author, publisher, and he loves to sail.

Harrison explains that his life has been heavily influenced by being a young child, working with customers in Ciara's boutique business. Early on, he learned how to connect with people. He learned about business and money.

When Ciara had to shut her business down, Harrison felt the shift. He remembers watching his parents lean on one another and on a community of support. He remembers feeling unsure of what would happen.

He decided he'd respond to the situation in the same way he say his parents reacting - he stayed calm and cooperated in whatever way he could. He listened to his parents' explanations and trusted them. And Ciara shares that she never wanted to hide anything from her kids. She knew her kids could understand things and she spoke to them with complete honesty.

Ciara doesn't believe in the idea of "work-life balance". Instead, she says it's important to integrate the two. This perspective has deeply impacted Harrison and his entrepreneurial spirit.

During the Covid pandemic, Harrison put his creativity to work and decided to start writing. He's recently published his first book, Watch It Burn. (You can get a copy here.) The experience has been a risk, and so far, it's one completely worth taking.


Here's a glance at the episode:

[6:47] Harrison shares about growing up in an entrepreneurial family.

[10:35] What was it like for Harrison to see his parents go through losing a business?

[18:45] Ciara on the myth of "work-life balance".

[20:55] Harrison talks about his first business.

[24:20] Harrison shares his new book, Watch It Burn.

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