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Big Changes Have Come to the Boutique Workshop Membership

boutique business boutique business tools boutique ownership education buying goal setting growth inventory profit first scaling May 17, 2022

I have a vision of helping Boutique Owners across the country believe that they are worthy of taking a paycheck.

And that they can get out of "hot mess mode" thinking.

I believe every boutique owner can confidently find profitability and peace of mind in their business.

I have this dream of continuing to build a safe space where boutique owners can come and get equipped with the simple skills to understand what the numbers are saying about the story of their business.

An idea of providing an authentic and genuine community where they can come and learn how to take that story and create a story of their own - one in which they control their cash, their inventory and their time.

You're part of this vision. YOU are part of this dream.

You can write a story of profitability and peace of mind in your boutique.

Let's do this. Come on.



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