Ciara Chats with Bethny Ricks (ep 125)

coaching the inventory genius podcast Apr 17, 2023

We're switching things up today! Speaker, storyteller, author and leadership expert, Bethny Ricks is interviewing ME, Ciara Stockeland! That's right, listen to Bethny as she asks me the hard questions.

Bethny focuses on helping others achieve and live their life without compromising their character. Through storytelling, Bethny openly shares her failures and ideas of hope and what it means to get back up again and again. 

As Bethny talks with Ciara about Ciara's new book, they dive into the idea of celebrating wins. While it can be really challenging for Ciara to celebrate her own wins, Bethny reminds her that she needs to practice what she teaches her clients. Bethny wants us ALL to celebrate our wins. 

Bethny works with a lot of different leaders. She sees Ciara's coaching as offering sustainable and practical business solutions. This is different than what she typically sees - and Bethny loves that Ciara coaches clients to a point where they no longer need her. There are real success stories in Ciara's coaching. This says a lot about Ciara's integrity and character.

What discourages Ciara?

Ciara explains that while she's not afraid of messing up, she really doesn't like when she doesn't meet a goal.

She also gets discouraged when she sees what people are capable of but when she can't help them solve their problems. She tries to stay curious and always ask why. She looks to experts and asks for help. You can't stay discouraged when you're learning about something.

Run the Mile You're In

Ciara believes we should all run the mile we're in. That's all you can control - what you're currently in. You can't look at where others are and constantly compare yourself. You have to look at what you can do today. Bit by bit, things build on each other until you've reached your goal.

Bethny shares that she's not a regret person because she's failed so many times. There's a beauty in failing. What's a time when Ciara's failed beautifully?

When Ciara lost everything and shut down her store, she hit a very low point. Ciara's husband supported her, reminded her she had to get off the couch, and was completely there for her. Support from family, friends, community is so crucial.


Here's a glance at the episode:

[3:20] A quick look at Bethny's background and bio.

[4:19] Bethny asks Ciara about her new book.

[11:16] Bethny asks Ciara about what discourages her.

[15:22] Ciara talks about her ideas of "running the mile you're in".

[19:00] Ciara and Bethny on the idea of failing beautifully.

[22:00] How do we handle expectations? Especially after there's been failure?

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