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#AskCiara Video on Pricing Your Inventory

askciara boutique business boutique business tools boutique ownership education growth inventory Mar 25, 2022
#AskCiara videos are quick answers to questions that have come up in the Boutique Owner's Collective Facebook group.
Q: How do you recommend pricing inventory?
This is really important because inventory = cash on hangers and cash in boxes!
The fundamental piece to this puzzle requires taking a look at your expenses and figuring out your breakeven point.
Your breakeven point is how much inventory you need to sell and at what price point in order to cover your expenses and break even.
Once you determine your breakeven point, you can take a look at what your margin should be. 
For margins, I recommend a 2.5-3 times (or more) markup in order to account for any discounts you may offer. Having good margins in place means building profit in your business and ultimately take a paycheck.
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