A Quick #AskCiara Video on Reengaging Your Facebook Community

askciara boutique business boutique business tools boutique ownership education customer engagement facebook growth Mar 17, 2022
#AskCiara videos are quick answers to questions that have come up in the Boutique Owner's Collective Facebook group. Here's one from this week:
Q: How do you get your Facebook group reengaged?
A: Think COMMUNITY!!! Have conversations with your customers…don’t just sell to them.
Are you looking to revive low engagement in a Facebook group you've set up for your boutique business? Do you want more interaction and connection with your current and potential customers?
Here's the scoop: it's all about serving your customers - not selling to them.
Think about the solutions that you're offering instead of what products you're selling. In solving problems, you'll build conversation and community. Think of customer engagement as connection - people engage when they feel welcome.
So, get to know your customers by asking questions and conversing with them. Show them who you are - share behind-the-scenes bits, insights into what it takes to run your boutique business, really connect with your customer. This connection will bring greater, more genuine engagement.
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