May 2024 Marketing Trends with Liz Whitehead

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An Ideal Time to Boost Sales

by Liz Whitehead

May is here! This month is an ideal time to boost sales in your business. If you have a physical store, it's a great opportunity to organize events before summer vacations begin.

Here are some significant dates and events to consider:
✨ Teacher Appreciation Week
✨ Nurse Appreciation Week
✨ Mother's Day
✨ Graduation (High school, Pre-K/Kinder, and College)
✨ Memorial Day (You can clear out old inventory by offering a sale on items you need to move!)

You could also use some fun dates to create a text, email, or in-store event, such as:
🎉 Stars Wars Day - May 4th
🎉 Have a Coke Day - May 8th
🎉 Lucky Penny Day - May 23rd

These are excellent opportunities to attract new customers, cater to existing customers, and get rid of old inventory that hasn't sold.

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