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Time to Celebrate Your Customers

by Liz Whitehead

June is a great month to consider celebrating your customers. As a brick-and-mortar boutique owner for ten years, I found that this was a strategy that helped us offset the slow season tremendously.

June was notoriously one of our slowest months of the year, as people were on vacation, moms were at home with the kids, and people generally weren't thinking about buying new clothes unless it was for something specific. So, how can you keep them engaged? By making them feel special!

Here are some ideas for making a customer appreciation month successful:

1. Look up your customers who have spent $300 or more (or an amount you feel comfortable with) at your store within the last year and send them something special in the mail.

2. Create customer segments in Klaviyo for lapsed or top-spending customers and send them a targeted offer via email and text.

3. Get your social media platforms engaged and create a contest where people can tag their besties to win gift cards.

4. Host a summer evening event where you collaborate with other local businesses like a salon/spa or catering company to offer a fun "girls night out."

These are just a few of the ways you can make customers feel special while encouraging extra sales during a month that is typically slow. Maybe June isn't your slow month, but this can be done at any time of the year.

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