July 2024 Marketing Trends with Emily Avdem Nelson

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The Secret to Keeping Up with Social Media

by Emily Avdem Nelson

I have been extremely consistent on my business’ Instagram for the last 45 days and have implemented strategies to see what happens. 🔎

Additionally, I've posted twice a day, every single day, and I've posted 95% of the reels. 📲

I quickly learned quite a few things about Instagram growth! What works, what doesn’t, and what you can expect. Take a look:

🔥 Views can be a slow burn

Most of my reels started slow with views and started climbing over time! It usually took 48 hours or more to see a more accurate number.

🎥 Reels reach more people

Granted, I haven’t been posting many static posts to know this FOR SURE, but reels do reach more people, and clients’ profiles, including non-followers.

🔑 Consistent posting is key

Posting twice a day, every single day, significantly increased my analytics! The insights would have differed dramatically if I had skipped some days/posts.

🔢 More posts = more growth

The more you post, the more growth you’ll see! (think two reels a day get 500 views compared to 1 reel at 250) *quality posts are still good to aim for, but feel free to test what works, and don’t get hung up on perfection.

🗣️ Engagement for engagement

You can easily tell when I haven’t engaged for a day. My feed is dull, boring, and quiet. I aimed for 20-30 mins of engagement a day. Half in the feed, half in stories.

🪝 Hooks are a major player

My guess is you’ve seen ALL about hooks lately. It’s true, they do work and the stronger they are, the better your content may perform.

🚫 Don’t batch-create content

Now batching BROLL clips is fine, but batching a bunch of carousels, reels, and graphics without first seeing what works…you could be wasting a TON of time.

📈 Growth is objective

The growth on my page may look very different from someone else’s. 100 more views than normal on my reel IS growth. However, 10,000 more views on a bigger expert’s profile might be seen as growth. We have to remember to gauge our own growth in relation to our size, analytics, and goals.

📊 Analytics don’t lie

Analytics are your biggest insight into what’s working and what’s not. They can show you patterns you might not normally notice. Use these metrics to your advantage and let them guide you!

👑 Value is king

Giving your audience mega value sets you apart from other leaders in your field AND builds trust and connection with your consumers.

🔎 Research makes a difference

Look at what’s working in your niche on other big accounts! Don’t start creating without a blueprint!

📲 Vary the content type

Realizing the need to diversify my content, I decided to vary my content type! I was posting a ton of educational content but not adding sprinkles of entertainment, emotion, and enjoyment. I also wasn’t utilizing remixes, etc.

Success can take a long time

Lastly, it’s important to remember that people don’t usually grow overnight or in a few weeks on IG. Yes, some people do. But, the majority of us have to work at it for a long time. So, don’t give up after a day, week, or month. Keep going!

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