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Ciara Shares About Her Entrepreneurial Journey On The Joy Found Here Podcast

boutique business career change goal setting growth podcast feature Apr 06, 2022
Image of Ciara Stockeland with caption describing a podcast on which she is featured,

Ciara recently sat down with Stephanie Martinez Rivera on the podcast, Joy Found Here.

They talked about Ciara's background, her focus on connecting with others, and about how she works with and helps her clients. Ciara shared some incredible advice - you'll definitely want to listen in.

From the episode show notes:

Have you considered starting your own business? Life’s too short to not embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and see what incredible opportunities come your way because of it!

In this episode, I am so excited to be joined by Ciara Stockeland. Ciara is a serial entrepreneur, fashion maven, coach, and inspirational speaker. At the age of 14, Ciara created and scaled her first business, the Third Street Acting Company. In 2006, she opened Mamma Mia, a high end maternity boutique. Ciara then continued in retail and opened MODE, an innovative clothing boutique which she franchised nationwide. Most recently, Ciara has launched btqBOX, the first wholesale subscription box for boutique owners. Ciara has been recognized as a Small Business Champion through SCORE and most recently was awarded the Outstanding Franchise Small Business Award.

Throughout this episode, Ciara and I talk about the highs and lows of her lifelong entrepreneurial journey. She describes how she began her entrepreneur career as a child, the rise and fall of her franchised boutique MODE, and how she has bounced back and found success with btqBOX. She talks about the importance of connecting with others, what advice has helped her throughout her career, and how she works with clients so they can level up as an entrepreneur. Ciara has incredible insights and we can all learn something from her experiences.

Tune in to Episode 47 of the Joy Found Here podcast to hear what Ciara has learned as an empowered entrepreneur!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

About Ciara’s entrepreneurial childhood (3:00)Why Ciara is focused on connecting with others (16:00)Advice that helped Ciara along her journey (29:37)How Ciara helps her clients (41:22)Where to connect with Ciara (47:18)


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