Achieving Community Using Customer Service On Social Media

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We've been hearing a lot about the importance of community in our lives.

Today we're taking the idea of community to a whole different level. We're discussing how to build a strong community on social media. (We all know this can be tricky, right?!?)

Emily Avdem is a social media genius. When it comes to community, she really has a heart for helping entrepreneurs make sure that their social media communities are thriving.

While Emily acknowledges that social media platforms can feel challenging and complex, she explains that once you have the daily tasks planned out, it really breaks it down the whole process.

Emily's biggest tip: remember the importance of customer service online. Make connections with your customers via social media platforms. 

Here are a few stats from article from Colorado State University:

  • "75% of people will likely post something positive about your brand if you make meaningful social media connections."
  • "If you give a positive social media customer experience, 71% of your consumers will likely recommend your brand to others."
  • "Customers will spend 20-40% more if you engage and respond to them in social media."

Social media connections lead to word of mouth recommendations and higher ticket value sales.

There are so many similarities between customers who walk into our brick and mortar stores and customers who connect with us online. We often forget about this. They're both paying customers - how to we switch to sell to online customers?


Check out a few of Emily's strategies for interacting with customers online: 


1. When you engage with someone online, imaging you're interacting with them in your store.

Ask about people's favorites. Ask about preferences between products (called, "this or thats"). Talk to you customers like you're in a brick and mortar store together.


2. Start direct messaging your customers, both new and old (called, "DMing").

If you get a new follower, DM them immediately. Say thanks for the follow and pass along something like a 10% off coupon. You can DM current customers with a thank you for their continued support and a coupon. Ask them about their favorite products or if there are things they'd like to see you carry.


3. Use voice and video message!

This may seem scary...but do it anyway! Clients often have great responses to these very personal ways of interacting. They get to see you and hear your voice - this is great for connection and fosters loyalty.


4. Be sure to reply to every single comment.

A like isn't enough and sometimes actually feels dismissive. Engaging with people's comments is fabulous for community building.


5. Work to increase engagement in your private Facebook group.

We can control the conversation happening inside the group! Instead of just thinking about new followers, remember the people who are already connected to your brand.

Let people post in the group! You can moderate/approve comments, but letting customers post helps build community.


6. Don't just endlessly promote your products.

Regardless of the ways in which you're interacting, make it about the customer and not just about shoving product. There are ways to sell without it looking it like you're selling. 


7. Spend time engaging with customers who appear in your social media feed.

Don't just reply to their comments on your account - go to their accounts and interact with them there. This is like the small-talk of the social media world.


Always remember: your customers have chosen to follow you. Use customer service to foster and increase the sense of community they feel when they interact with you in the online world.

Hear more when you listen to the full episode here.

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