Profitability Summit

Monday, March 6th, 2023

A virtual conference hosted by Ciara Stockeland

Ready to build a profitable, inventory based business?

Join Ciara Stockland and other top voices in the field for this day long conference. If you're an inventory based business owner, this virtual summit is for you!

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What is the Profitability Summit?

The 2023 Profitability Summit is a day-long virtual event crafted specifically for inventory based business owners. 

Throughout the day, experts and coaches in the inventory based business world will present across an array of topics. Each speaker will focus on how to drive profits and growth via their expertise.

From SEO to digital marketing, Profit First to customer service, you definitely want to add this day to your business owner education.

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Meet the Experts

Ciara Stockeland has selected an amazing group of experts from the inventory based business world. From coaches, to financial advisors, to marketing specialists and more, these experts are the guides you need to build a profitable inventory based business.

Ciara Stockeland

Inventory Genius

Meet Ciara

Nicole Palmer


Meet Nicole

Elizabeth Presher

Hite Digital

Meet Elizabeth

Liz Whitehead

Simple Strategies Group

Meet Liz

Lindsey Roberts

HarQuin Boutique Bookkeeping Co.

Meet Lindsey

Monica Sharma-Patnekar

Business with Monica

Meet Monica

Emily Avdem Nelson

Brandakin Social Media

Meet Emily

The Agenda

As a conference participant, you'll get full access to all sessions. This includes live Q&A sessions with all speakers and a workbook you can download and use forever. 

All times are in central time (CST) and are subject to change.


Welcome and Kick-off

Ciara Stockeland starts off the day with an intro and overview to The Profitability Summit


Understanding Profit

Session with Ciara Stockeland


A Profit Mindset

Session with Nicole Palmer


Profit Producing Customer Service on Social

Session with Emily Avdem Nelson


Marketing with Profit in Mind

Session with Elizabeth Presher


Creating Customers that Convert

Session with Monica Sharma-Patnekar


Profit First and Debt

Session with Ciara Stockeland


Finding Profit in Your Business

Session with Lindsey Roberts


Communicating to Create Profit

Session with Liz Whitehead


Wrap Up and Closing Remarks

Ciara Stockeland closes out the Profitability Summit and offers next steps.


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Take a Look at What We'll Cover...

SEO and Digital Marketing

Elizabeth Presher will guide us through SEO and digital marketing practices that drive sustainable profit and not just sales. 

Meet the Speaker

As the daughter of two entrepreneurs, Elizabeth Presher saw firsthand the ups and downs of small business ownership from a young age and still knew it was the life for her. Now the Owner/Partner of Hite Digital Dayton, she combines her five years of boutique/ecommerce ownership with her passion for all things marketing to help businesses grow their audience and revenue through Paid Social, SEO, PPC and Email Marketing.

Elizabeth is a certified eCommerce Marketing Expert and specializes in creating profitable growth plans for Boutiques and eCommerce businesses!

Spending time with her husband, Bryan, two teenage sons, Owen and Grifin, reading, traveling and Netflix binges are her favorites!

Connect with Elizabeth: 


Check out this conversation Ciara shared with Elizabeth...

Customer Profiles

Knowing your ideal customer profile proves invaluable in growing a profitable inventory based business. Monica Sharma-Patnekar will help us learn to create clarity around our customer profile so that we can better target and attract an active, engaged customer base.

Meet the Speaker

Monica is Brand mentor, coach & consultant, helping you to elevate your brand. As a brand & growth strategist Monica gives high-touch mentorship for creative & conscious product-based, ecommerce & retail business owners who want a clearer, more focused, vision for their brand. To communicate & connect with their REAL audience, without spinning their wheels on messaging, content, ads & tactics that don’t convert. So that they can impact even more people’s lives with their products – and feel like they have control over their own.

For Conscious Makers and Curators who care about the 5 “P”s (Product, Purpose, People, Planet, & Profit).

Monica has over 18 years of experience building brands. From her masters in business with a major in Marketing, to working with Fortune500 companies, across Brand Management, Strategy Consulting & Global Marketing, 

being hired by Google to coach their premium partners and now working with both larger conscious ecommerce scale-ups and her passion - coaching small business ecommerce, product & retail entrepreneurs.

Monica is Dutch by birth.⁠ Indian by heritage. Global by choice & education.⁠⁠⁠ An intuitive, creative & analytical thinker. A dancer.⁠ A chai-fanatic. Raised by a single mom in a country that she made her own. A mom of 2 girls.

She brings a diverse & inclusive perspective to the work she does. From having worked with big corporates, scale & start-ups to small businesses, across regions & sectors, to her own very multicultural upbringing.

Connect with Monica:
Linked In

Customer Service

Quality customer interactions are crucial to creating a sustainable, profitable inventory based business. Emily Avdem Nelson will unpack the best practice when it comes to creating a quality, genuine customer service practice.

Meet the Speaker

Emily Avdem Nelson is the founder of Brandakin Social Media, a social media management company that helps businesses of all sizes maximize their social media presence. From full social media management, to virtual assistant operations, to strategy solution calls, Brandakin's goal is to pivot with business needs to best help maximize clients' social media presence.

Brandakin meets clients where they are, supports them as they grow, and cheers them on along the way. Customer service is Brandakin’s central pillar – they find great joy in providing maximum support in their work with clients.

Emily loves creating, connecting with clients and working on all-things-social-media. She started Brandakin Social Media when she was a senior in college. Since then, she's expanded the services she offers so she can easily meet client needs, no matter where they are in their entrepreneurial journey. Emily lives in West Fargo, North Dakota with her husband and two sweet golden retrievers! She has a passion for reading, learning, and being creative in many different areas.

Connect with Emily:

Brandakin Social Media


Profit First

Ciara knows your dirty little secret: you're running what you feel is a successful business, but you're not seeing any profit. She'll help us understand how Profit First works for inventory based businesses. In doing so, you'll see a clear path toward profitability.

Meet the Speaker

Ciara built a seven figure retail business, was featured in "Entrepreneur" magazine, and was even invited to the White House. But in over ten years of business, she never took a consistent paycheck.

Ciara knew how to sell, but she didn't know how to manage the money once it came in. And then...she learned the numbers. She now understands what the numbers are saying and knows how to focus on the right things.

Ciara has coached thousands of inventory based business owners, helping them free themselves of debt as they grow profitable, sustainable businesses. 

Ciara's a serial entrepreneur, a wife, a mom of two, and a triathlete. She loves a good challenge and isn't afraid of messes.

As an inventory and cash flow expert, Ciara knows how to take an honest look at where your business is and listen to you as you tell her where you envision it to be.

Connect with Ciara



Understanding your books and keeping them up-to-date are essential practices when building and maintaining a profitable inventory based business. Lindsey Roberts will walk us through best practices when it comes to bookkeeping.

Meet the Speaker

Lindsey Roberts is one of the nation’s top-rated QuickBooks ProAdvisors and the owner and founder of HarQuin Boutique Bookkeeping Co. HarQuin has been providing affordable, quality Bookkeeping, Consulting, Payroll and Sales Tax services to boutique owners for over a decade and serves over 1,000 small businesses each year.

Lindsey always welcomes the opportunity to discuss the future of your business and how we can help you achieve your goals and dreams. Connect with us to see what makes HarQuin different!

Connect with Lindsey:

HarQuin Boutique Bookkeeping Co.


Growing any business can feel completely overwhelming. As an inventory based business owner, maintaining the right focus is essential. Nicole Palmer will help us understand how to create an empowering, enduring mindset with a focus on proper boundaries.

Meet the Speaker

After 10 years of building a multi million dollar clothing business, Nicole closed the doors to her boutique after realizing that the fast fashion world didn’t align with the slow and simple life she had been craving. Nicole is currently a Social Media + Business Coach, she is the founder of The Friendly Entrepreneur, a community for female entrepreneurs and business owners to learn, grow and connect. 

Nicole lives in Delaware with her husband and their 3 kids, you can follow her journey on IG @morethannicolej and hear from her on her podcast, More Than Clothes.

Nicole is on a mission to help female entrepreneurs and business owners break free from stress and overwhelm by teaching them her 5 proven steps to success.

Connect with Nicole


Email Campaigns

As a busy product-based or e-commerce business owner wearing all the hats, chances are you know email and text marketing are important tools for growth, but somehow they always seem to fall to the bottom of your ever-growing to-do list. They’re like a dreaded, looming grey cloud you just can’t seem to keep up with—or start in the first place! Liz Whitehead will show us that there is relief when it comes to email and text marketing.

Meet the Speaker

Liz Whitehead, founder of Simple Strategies Group, works with inventory-based businesses to create and automate email and text marketing. Her clients can sleep easy knowing their current and potential customers are being effectively nurtured, 24/7. Liz takes the stress off her clients' plates when she sets up and maintains these marketing systems.

Liz is on a mission to help product based business owners like you reclaim your time and freedom through automated marketing systems, so you can get back to doing the things you do best (and enjoy most)! Why? Because as a former boutique owner of ten years, she's been in the trenches of a product-based business ownership, and knows first hand how hard it can be to find someone who genuinely gets what you’re going through.

Liz searched and searched for a product-based digital marketing consultant who could help her move the needle, but continually came up empty. So, she decided to do something about it. After just two years and hundreds of happy clients, Simple Strategies has become the go-to partner for solid email and text marketing that connects with customers and boosts the bottom lines. Now it’s your turn.

Connect with Liz:

Simple Strategies Group


As an inventory based business owner, you're ready to see more profit and to keep more cash. 

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