Join hundreds of inventory based business owners in becoming an Inventory Genius.

Inventory Genius Toolkit

Start your journey toward becoming an Inventory Genius.

You CAN create more profit and to keep more cash.

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With this Toolkit, you will finally have everything you need to start on your way to profitability.

Joining the Inventory Genius Club equipped us with the tools to (finally) pay ourselves first. We learned how to allocate for operating expenses, taxes, payroll and inventory!

The Quickstart helped me take my hobby from my basement to a successful brick and mortar with systems in place to grow!

Yes, please! I'm ready for the right tools!

Tool #1:
A Quickstart

Learn which numbers are important and what those numbers mean. It's time to understand your business.


  • 3 short videos,
  • 3 easy-to-use spreadsheets

Tool #2:
A Roadmap

Bite-sized, actionable steps will give you a specific plan to put in place. Stop making up your next steps.


  • A copy of "Inventory Genius", the simple-to-read roadmap for your business,
  • The companion guide workbook for note taking

Tool #3:
A Path to Profitability

With new knowledge and a plan in place, you'll watch your business change and grow. Regain confidence, and enjoy what you've built!


  • A personalized Profit Audit,
  • One 30-minute coaching call with an Inventory Genius Success Coach,
  • Dozens of additional tools in¬†the Inventory Genius Resource Library
I need the Toolkit!

If focusing on the right things could give you more profit, wouldn't you start today?


But what are the right things?

All the numbers can be so overwhelming...

There's money coming in but there's nothing in the checking account...

The business you created has turned out the be a giant mess.


Stop stressing!
THIS Toolkit is the missing piece you have been looking for!

Take a look at the tools in the Toolkit:


Quickstart Course

Get going with Ciara's keystone guide to becoming an Inventory Genius. Three modules will teach you everything you need to know in order to get your business in shape. 


Book and Workbook

Ciara's bestselling book, Inventory Genius, will show you that you're not alone. The accompanying workbook will help you retain all you learn while reading the book.


Coaching Support

Ciara will conduct a personalized Profit Audit for YOUR business showing you how to save, how to budget, and where to spend. You'll also get one 30-minute coaching call with a certified Success Coach.


Resource Library

Dozens of inventory-based challenges will help you answer specific questions you have in your own business journey. These challenges will ensure you keep learning and growing. 

And I know you might want to hang out and keep learning. 

That's why you will get exclusive access to my Inventory Genius Club for only $7/mo once you purchase the Toolkit! 


 Here's how it works:

A one-time $490 covers the cost of the Toolkit! All the tools in the Toolkit are yours to keep forever. 

After that, if you want to hang out with me and learn just a little more, you'll only pay $7 monthly for access to the full Resource Library and monthly workshops and challenges!

I'm ready to check it all out!